Samite Belcher

Ready or Not..

Many of you may be wondering what happened to me last year?

Why I seemed to suddenly give up the game.

And some others know all too well what was happening in my life around that time but maybe don't fully understand it.

So I thought I'd try and fill you all in, and perhaps, give you an explanation as to why I disappeared, only to reappeared a couple of weeks ago.

About a year ago, I started to get bored playing Magic, even after talking to people and trying my best to have fun I just couldn't get the feel for it. I had a lot of personal things going horridly wrong and my work life was as interesting as watching paint dry.

So about the time of Apocalypse I decided to stop, I didn't know what I was going to do and in fact stuck all my cards online in an Auction (and sold them too, but that's another story). Through it all I remained in contact with Stuart and tried as best I could to explain what was going on, I hoped he wouldn't think I was dropping him in it, and even tried to convince him to sort out the site.

What with moves to Spain on/off etc I was starting to feel that people were taking me for a mug and needed to get something's into perspective.

So after much thought I decided to move closer to work and concentrate on things one at a time. Anyway things never go quite the way you plan them, and I ended up back in good old Eastbourne, only in a better position than before.

My job is better, as is the pay, but best of all a lot of things in my life have come into focus, for instance if you know me you would have noticed that before I was on a constant clock and would look at my watch all night and fidget. Now I hope I have slowed down a little and can take things a little slower, and maybe enjoy them!

Anyway what's this to do with the club?

Well much and little, I will be playing again at the club from time to time but nothing set in stone, it is a game after all. And I may have some input into the website (like this and some other things) but updates twice a day are a thing of the past as I neither have the time, nor the interest in crawling over 20-30 sites a day for interesting news articles.

As for Magic itself. Hmmm I will play but don't expect me to have a deck worth hundreds, you're more likely to find me with Elves and Forests that 10 pound rares.

But one thing is certain, Finally I find that the game is fun again, and that is after all what we all play for, isn't it? Have fun and maybe even see you Thursday?

We do now, what must be done now.