Samite Belcher

Drafting Rochester Style.

This is really just my feelings on what I could have done better during the draft yesterday (Sunday 20th), so take it that way and not as an idea of what *you* should do. Anyway found out from Stuart that the draft was Inv/Inv/PlSht and that it was due to start at 12pm on the dot. So I leave extra early and make my way down arriving 3 mins before 12, damn traffic.

The night before I had spent a fair amount of time looking over various options in the draft and come to the conclusion that the following people would draft a certain way.

I expected Wayne to draft White/Green, with Stuart most certainly going Red/Green and Lawrence going for Blue/Black. Leaving five people I was not certain of, Dave I was pretty sure would try Red/Black or Black/Blue with Bill Certain to like the look of Black. Darren would be tough and make his mind up during the draft with Anthony Most likely going White/Blue or Black/Red (Or so I thought)… That left a lot of White going around and with that in mind I decided before going that I was going to draft White for certain. For my second colour I choose Blue, as it also seemed under drafted.

As it turned out the worst thing you can do is decide before you draft what you're going to draft!

So we sit down and I find that I'm being fed from Anthony who in turn is being fed by Dave who is being fed by Stuart. So the table looks like this…

Seat 1 - Bill
Seat 2 - Darren
Seat 3 - Stuart
Seat 4 - Dave
Seat 5 - Anthony
Seat 6 - Shane (Me)
Seat 7 - Lawrence
Seat 8 - Wayne

So bad news for me as I expect most of the good picks in Back/Red/Green/White to have gone by the time they get to me with the exception of Blue which looked good (and was too!)

So people begin to draft and Stuart makes a lot of what seemed to me at the time as low quality picks (as it seems he was trying to force the other two into certain colours). Dave was also lost for the first couple of picks with Anthony hard to read, as he tends to pick 3 colours and play maybe 2 during the rounds. I managed to grab a lot of Blue Green to start with then it went downhill. Anyway here is what I saw people draft.

Wayne - White/Green
Bill - Black/Red
Darren - Red/Black
Stuart - Green/Red
Dave - Black/Blue
Anthony - White/Green/Red
Me - 5 Colour
Lawrence - Blue/Black

...That left me in what would be the worst table position possible! Anthony was not fairing much better as I tried not to touch his colours... But was forced to take some White and Red as my colours (Green/Blue) dried up.

So what did I learn about my first Rochester Draft?

Well I learned a couple of lessons. First Seating is everything, if I had been seated between Bill and Darren I would have had a better chance of drafting the colours I wanted. But sitting next to Anthony, a player who is MUCH better than myself, I was forced to leave certain picks for him, which in turn allowed me greater picks later.

I also learned that whatever you decide before the event is pants, the only thing you can do is get a good idea of the block and how the colours work, for instance Black and Red are kings at removal. Whilst White and Blue control the game mid to late, once removal is less of a bonus. While Green has fatties to die for, and in most cases die to!

After all that and going 1-2 (could have been 2-1 if I hadn't made 2 Massive mistakes in game 1 against Anthony) I really enjoyed the day and hope that perhaps we get to try it again sometime.

Until then, I shall just have to try and get myself back on top, I seem to have lost the edge in the last couple of months, so now I need to play better decks against better people.

We do now, what must be done now.