Samite Belcher

Sometimes you just get it wrong!

Forsometime I have always been considered a bit strange in the way I design and build my decks, often finding amazing synergy between cards and boring the pants of my opponents by running them through the combo that I have devised for them. But sometimes I can get so carried away with a deck Idea that really only deserves a place in the bin! But pride will always make me take it to a tournament where I will scare the living daylights out of everyone with my Amazing tech!

One such deck is listed below, this is posted so everyone can see what can happen when you don't test and really should know better. I managed one win with this deck all day and I can tell you that I scared the living pants off Mr. BYE! 8o)

Brain Dead Deck.

This is to point out the benefits of testing a deck, oh and thinking it's great to give card advantage to your opponent! Lets take a look at the deck I played, maybe thats too strong a word for what I attempted.

    4 Viseling 

    3 Howling Mine 

    4 Grim Monolith 

    2 Masticore 

    4 Boomerang 

    2 Unsummon 

    4 Counterspell 

    2 Temporal Adept 

    2 Morphling 

    2 Soothsaying 

    2 Arcane Lab 

    1 Pyhrexian Colossus 

    1 Pyrexian Processor 

    1 Prosperity 

    4 Enlighten Tutor 


    14 Island 

    4 City of Brass 

    4 Adakar Wastes 


	Side Board

    3 Chill 

    3 Hibernation 

    3 Snap 

    1 Absolute Law 

    1 Absolute Grace 

    2 Worship 

    1 Stroke Of Genius 

    1 Insight 

Okay a couple of things are wrong with this deck, one it's complete plop and two I should have removed all the creatures, artifacts, enchantments, sorcery's and instants replacing them with land, I might have then stood a better chance of winning.

You see I had this plan, play the howling mine, play the viseling and watch my opponent squirm as they took damage from the cards they had in there hand. Well let's see, I played every deck you can think of and then some and basically it went like this -

Green player - Jolly good I can play even more creatures each turn and get to blow up you artifacts with my Sex Monkeys and Creeping Molds.

Blue Player - Hey! I have loadsa cards, opps… bounce the viseling counter it.. hoho.

Whiteplayer - I don't even need to search for rebels your so kind, viseling? Oh disenchant that matey.

Red player> - Burn baby, Burn. Oh look even more burn!

Black player - You silly man now Bargain goes off turn 3 for certain, soul feast, soul feast, soul feast.. Your dead.

Artifact player - Wow and there was me thinking that I didn't have enough cards in hand for the metalworker! Cheers mate, 8/8 tramples you to death yeah!

All in all a pretty sad deck, one consolation was I got a prize for lamest deck losing every game played (and then some!)

So be warned, you might think you have a killer deck but be careful, BTW the next tournament I played black and managed second so perhaps it was a good thing I gave up on it.


Shane "Chain" Mussell.