Samite Belcher

Mono Green.

First the deck list and then some details.

4 Basking Rootwalla
2 Phantom Tiger
3 Ernham Djinn
3 Lone Wolf
3 Blurred Mongoose
2 Kavu Titan
3 Elvish Archer
2 Seton's Scout
1 Crush of Wurms

3 Blanch Woord Armour
2 Overrun
2 Might of Oaks
3 Gaint Growth
2 Moments Peace
3 Creepinmg Mold
2 Elephant Amubush

21 Forests

The idea of this deck is simple.. run over the opponent..
Don't worry about counters or anything just keep playing out your dudes
and hope to beat them with shear overwelming numbers.

Now a couple of points..
BOP's and LE are not in the deck because you want to attack and not hold
back creatures that produce mana.

This is by no means a great deck or even a good deck.. Lots could be changed for
instance more use could be made of the graveyard (Threshold), instants (Elephant
Ambush, etc) and of course the madness (rootwalla for free anyone?)
I think you get the idea.

Basically beat them round the head as fast as possible and don't worry about
what the other player is doing.