Things that interest me.

Things that REALLY interest me.

Total Eclipse On The C64

My main interest has got to be computers... Now before you go off shouting about how much of a sad git I am, just think...

What are you using right now?
Is it a toaster? I think not!
Were you forced at gunpoint to logon and read this web page?
Are you enjoying the experience of reading this and many other web pages?

Ah I see your interested in Computers too!
But think again do you eat, drink and sleep computers?
You do? 8O)...

Right now thats sorted out, a bit about what interest's me on this lump of mud we call earth. Basically anything that's in the slightest electronic, I'm a gadget freak, owning near every home computer ever made, and some. But my main interest's have got to be hacking, cracking and copying. Now I know most people would at the very least discourage this, or chop my arms and legs off. But just think about it a second, most of the advances in history were down to someone ripping something off! Go on think a bit...

Most of my time these days is taken up with 'chipping' playstation's for 'friends of friends'. Long gone are the days of demo writing (Sob!). But I still hanker for the days gone by when an upload to Compunet was all I lived for. I'm thinking of getting a Yaroze sometime soon, so who know's I could once again be making demos, but this time for the Playstation! I'll be placing some of my older demos up here on this page pretty soon along with some others that I consider amongst the greats.

Finally a bit about my demo writing on the C64 and Amiga computers.

In 1986, after seeing what the C64 could do (just listern to that Summer Games loading music!) and saving for what seemed like months, I got my first C64. Later that year I meet up with Ashley, from the top of the road, who was into break dancing of all things! He had a mate who owned a spectrum and had just finished doing some school project on it, his name was David. I showed him what a C64 could do and he nearly wet his pants. Some weeks later both Ashley and David had purchased a second hand C64, and went on to become Ash & Dave!! Over the coming months many other people got to know them and gave them advice, soon after I visited Dave's and saw Compunet for the first time.

Sometime later in 1987 I managed to get hold of an old Modem and raked up the cash to get onto Compunet where I posted a game that I was working on, called 'Prime' something or other (If anyone remembers give me a shout!). This game was a dual player type affair that saw both players either working together or against each other to find the exit to a level. It was a Horizontal scrolling affair which differed from the norm by placing both players on the same screen (one above the other), at the time it was quite a new idea, and looked pretty neat. Froodle 'Richard', now good friend, saw this and decided to MBX me asking if I wanted some GFX. From then on things just got better and we released a couple of crapy demos along with some neat little one's too, even getting our own Page! (Quantum Designs).

Thing's went quiet around the time Compunet was going downhill, when we released our last demo called 'Acid @ The PC Show' which was pretty cool although it wasn't finished until after the show (in fact a month after)! Around this time things started to change and we started to lose touch with everyone, although myself a Richard stayed in touch sort of, where's all those Xmas cards? 8o)

A couple of years later and I rung Richard to find out he's got an Amiga and that he's been doing some Graphics for Mental Image. At the next computer show I met up with a couple of the Guy's and grabbed some source code from them. So started my VERY short stint at writing Amiga demos. Some of them we're quite good towards the end, and I even started to write a game or two, although I never finished them. Which about brings you up to date, to save you the trouble I still code from time to time but spend most of my time these days supporting a smallish (150+ users) network for a large company (Covering most of the UK with some offices in Europe).

But I'll never forget those nights logged onto Partyline chating to the likes of Jean, Perdita, Metnet and other's ...

If there was ever a reason to invent time travel Compunet has got to rate as the number one,
of my list at any rate.

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