Here's some of your comments.

Message from Mr Peter 'Zod' Smith.
Received on the 3/4/98 10.46pm

Hello, bloke!
You never got back to me re: dodgy playstation shenanigans!
I just checked out your web page - C64 music! Bloody fantastic! (I have now become all nostalgic: Must crank up the speccy emulator...) There are a few typos on your intro page though! (Not taking the piss, Just thought you might want to put them right) Scary picture on the diary page. Just think - Any small child could accidently see that and be scarred for life! haha.

See ya,
Pete bloke.

Note how the person above became completely insane after mentioning that he liked the
C64 Music on my Web page. He then moved swiftly on to say that he must 'crank up the
speccy emulator...' Is this missguided person on drug's? No I think not, what this person
is on is much, much more deadly... He's on the Internet.