10 Good reason's to say "Banana's" to your loved one's.

10 Good reason's to say "Banana's" to your loved one's

Your friendly Banana! 1. Because they'll love you for it, even if it means they commit you for it...
2. Because Banana's need support to throw off their Yellow fruity image.
3. Because Banana's are an alien life form, how many other yellow fruits are there? (Lemons don't count)
4. Banana's are fruity, show someone your fruity too (Ooerr).
5. Shaped like they are, they deserve a mention from time to time (Ever notice Women buy lots of them?).
6. Someone's life may depend on it, just keep saying that when your committed.
7. Men in white coats quite like people who shout about them a lot.
8. They're tax free! "You gotta be banana's not to buy 'em!"
9. If you wind them up enough they may just buy you what you want, to shut you up.
10. Because I'll come round a kick the living shit out of you, if you don't!