Samite Belcher

The Onslaught Begins

Oh no, all the speed has gone out of Magic and most of the new cards in Onslaught have stupidly high Mana costs!!!

Well, actually no, because you can now have 8 mana on turn three (wow)… And with no Elves in sight. (double wow)

No Green….. Mmm, Could it be Black then?…. Well No!

It's Red ! What?! Yes it's true. But why has this happened? What made the R&D team decide to give Red, Mana acceleration like never before?…. Well I have no idea.

Here's how..

Turn one Mountain, Goblin.
Turn two Mountain, 2 Goblins (Obviously all 1cc, one needs to be a Goblin Prospector)
Turn three Mountain, Brightstone Ritual, tap the other 2 Mountains and Sac. the Goblins for 8

You may however just use the Ritual and Lands, and not Sac. the Goblins, and this would give you only enough Mana to cast a Reckless Charged Blistering Firecat and do a mere 10 trample!, I guess at a push I could live with that!! Also, name a deck that can deal with 13ish points of damage before it's played a third land? We'll see.

Blue, Blue, Blue
I was in love with you
Blue, Blue, Blue
R&D have F***ed with you

The Counters get worse and worse, the Card drawing is becoming Sorcery based…and still they refuse to bring back Morphling !! Damn it!

Anyway, here is a Red Goblin deck I've made and started to test (so far, so good!)

Charlie the Goblin

4 Raging Goblin
2 Goblin Raider
4 Goblin Piledriver
4 Sparksmith
4 Goblin Prospector
4 Blistering Firecat
4 Rorix Bladewing
4 Brightstone Ritual
4 Violent Eruption
4 Reckless Charge
3 Goblin Burrows
4 Wooded Foothills
1 Forest
2 Karplusan Forest
13 Mountains

Nothing too difficult here!, you play Goblins and you attack and if you need to use the Sparksmith to clear the way for more attacks then you do just that. The Ritual allows you to cast Bladewing and Cats quickly to increase the damage, and the burn is to help finish them off.

Since testing this deck I have made some changes to strengthen it against problematic match-ups and it currently looks like this..

Goblin' the Cat (thanks to Wayne for the name!)

4 Goblin Sledder
4 Goblin Prospector
4 Sparksmith
4 Goblin Pyromancer
2 Goblin Raider
3 Blistering Firecat
4 Rorix Bladewing
3 Reckless Charge
3 Violent Eruption
4 Brightstone Ritual
3 Burning Wish
4 Wooded Foothills
2 Forest
4 Karplusan Forest
2 Goblin Burrows
10 Mountains


4 Shock
2 Naturalize
4 Anger
1 Blaze
1 Wake of Indifference
1 Tranquility
1 Hurricane
1 Reckless Charge

The first thing to note here is the lack of Raging Goblin, he has been replaced with Goblin Sledder (for now anyway!) he gives you the ability to sac Goblins to pump up other critters.

He also acts as an extra 4 ways to sac Goblins, on top of the 4 Prospectors. This allows you to play the otherwise risky Goblin Pyromancer, giving all the Goblins +3,+0 until the end of turn but then having to sac all Goblins at the end of turn. You simply sac him to the Prospector or Sledder to save all the other dudes.

The second obvious change is Burning Wish. The main deck wishes allow you to get cards like Tranquillity even in game one. The selection of Sorcery spells in the sideboard should reflect your local metagame. They are "bombs" to help you out of problematic situations, cards that you don't want main deck, but that are key to victory in certain situations.

In the land set up I now have 2 Forests and 4 Karplussan Forest to help out with the Green sideboard cards whether wished for or not, And the 4 Wooded Foothills to get whatever land I need and to also thin the deck of unneeded extra land.

In the Sideboard I have 4 Anger, this is mainly for Control Black. I found out at my own expense at the Bath National Qualifier just how much Black Control hates Haste! They also add a forth creature type to slightly weaken Engineered Plague. The Plague is not good for this deck, you will need to Wish for a Tranquillity or draw a Boarded Naturalize as soon as possible!

Since the changes the deck has got a lot better and can beat anything in the current Standard bracket, however it can also be really crap sometimes too! So this would be a risky deck to play but if things go your way you could not lose a game all day.

There are a number of other Sligh builds around that are more focused on weenie rushing, but I have used the acceleration elements available to use Rorix Brokenwing as a Dragon beat stick, which is fun if nothing else!

Have fun, and bring a friend!