Samite Belcher

Here are some links to Magic resources that you might find of use.

- Online Trading of Magic and Pokemon Cards, with some good articles.
Wizards Of The Coast - Makers of 'Magic The Gathering'.
Brain Burst - Another good resource for strategy and ideas.
Mtg News - Site containing spoilers and romours of upcoming sets.
Mid-Sussex Magic - Billingshurst used to hold tournaments, but alas no more.
SideBoard - A Wizards run Magic section.
StarCity - Has some great articles and also sells cards.
NeutralGround - Having a *very* good forum for all magic players.
The Game Club - Hosting a number of events based in the London area.

Below are some other sites of interest.

Beard Freak Designs. - An interesting site with a very good layout.
Joe Cartoon - With cartoons featuring Gerbils and Cats you can't go wrong.
Terminal Click - Sometimes a simply site can make you laugh.
Blizzard - For all those who loved Diablo 1&2 check out the lastest.