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Result's of "Legions" Pre-Release" ~ Posted by Luke on Sunday, February 2 2003
Congratulation's to the following Top 4 contestant's

"Legions" Champion 1 Lee Hutchinson
"Legions" Runner-Up 2 Phil Harris
"Legions" Runner-Up 3 Charly Parslow
"Legions" Runner-Up 4 Kai Barnard,

(Well done to Lee, on his 2nd ever MtG tournament, Also well done to Phil, Charly, Kai and to everyone else who participated in the Mtg-elemental "Legions" pre-Release)

Sneak Preview Weekend ~ Posted by Simon on Tuesday, January 28 2003
The Legions Sneak Preview weekend is going to be on the 2nd February and the entry is 15 and registration starts at 10am for a prompt start.

For more info or to reserve a place contact Stuart via email or phone him on 01323 504386.

Pastures new. ~ Posted by Shane on Friday, January 24 2003
After running the club website for 3 years now I've decided to move onto something else.
That together with my choice to drop from the club, due to other commitments (OU, new website),
it seemed wise to leave the site to some one else.

So in leaving I'll just say thanks to everyone and wish you all the best, I've had some great fun with the website.


Next tournament date. ~ Posted by Shane on Thursday, January 9 2003
The next tournament is going to be on the 19th of January starting at 10.30am as always we would ask everyone to try and turn up 10-15 minutes earlier so we can have a prompt start.

Join The Club Mailing List. ~ Posted by Shane on Tuesday, January 7 2003
If you like me are a busy bee these days why not sign up to the club mailing list here and we'll let you know of any upcoming events by email.

Clubs starts again 2nd Of Jan. ~ Posted by Shane on Tuesday, December 31 2002
Well looks as if the club meets again from the 2nd, I'm not aware of any arena currently running so it looks like it's anything for the this week.


Merry Xmas! ~ Posted by Shane on Friday, December 20 2002
Well thats it for another year!

Hope you all enjoyed the site and most important of all the club.

Remember to check back here over the festive holidays for info on upcoming tournaments.

Have a great one,
Shane & all the guys at the Club.

Latest Results up. ~ Posted by Shane on Monday, December 16 2002
Results form the last couple of weeks are now online, Well done to Dave, Bill and Stu who won the last three.

Type 2 Standard 8th December. ~ Posted by Shane on Tuesday, December 3 2002
There is a Tournament on Sunday the 8th of December at the Devonshire club. It's Type 2 and to start at 10.30 sharp please make sure you arrive 15-20 minutes before hand to make sure you have registered.

If you require any more information please contact Stuart on 01232 504386

Standard Tournament Sunday 24th. ~ Posted by Shane on Sunday, November 17 2002
Just a reminder that the next scheduled Tournament is the 24th of November at the Devonshire Club.
As normal start time is 10.30am Sharp so make sure you get there 10-15 mins before hand to register.

Remember Onslaught is legal now so please don't try slipping those Urza's Rage's in ;)

For more info or to reserve a place contact Staurt via email or phone him on 01323 504386.

Regional ~ Posted by Shane on Wednesday, November 6 2002
Well done everyone that took part in the Sussex Regional this year.
I'm very happy to report that the top four panned out like this.

Sussex Champion - Bill Imber (Well Done Bill, about time)
Finalist - Dave Page (Good show old chap)
Semifinalist - David Saluzzo
Semifinalist - Stuart Haffenden

The full results will be up on later tonight.

New Article. ~ Posted by Shane on Wednesday, October 30 2002
Stuart has posted a new article about the Onslaught block and how it has brought Red back into the game. An interesting read, go check it out.

If you haven't already I suggest you also check out Daves article on his play at a big event earlier this year.


Regional this Sunday! ~ Posted by Shane on Tuesday, October 29 2002
Don't forget this Sunday is the Regional Championship at the Devonshire Club in Eastbourne please ring or email Stuart as soon as you can to let him know.

You will also be asked for your address, if your not in the Sussex area you can't play in this Regional, check the Wizards site for information on where yours may be held.

Just to remind you again it is due to start at 10.30am so please make sure you are there at least 15 minutes before hand to register.

The cost is 6.00 with prizes for top half, food should also be served and a break may be allowed for food during the day.


New Club? ~ Posted by Shane on Sunday, October 27 2002
I have plans to start a new club out of the Eastbourne Area, anyone interested give me a nudge on Thursday night.Should be in a pub out in the sticks, Uckfield way, at the weekends.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can email me or post a message on the forum.

I'm planning on running a number of Extended and Type 2 events.
More details in the next couple of weeks.


Booster Draft this Sunday. ~ Posted by Shane on Thursday, October 24 2002
Just been told that there is a booster draft this Sunday, so if your up for it pop along at around 10am for a 10.30am start.

If you want to book your place contact Stuart on (01323) 504386 and let him know asap.

The Sussex Regional is being held on Sunday the 3rd of November at the Devonshire Club with registration at 10am and starting promptly at 10:30am. If you want to come along I suggest you book now by calling Stuart on the above number of emailing him here

Think thats about it for the moment, but keep an eye on this page as Simon should be updating it as well now.