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Krap-Pain Fartyworks -- Posted by Shane on Monday, August 30 2004
Shane Mussell.
Here's the deck I managed to win FNM with and even had some fun playing against Lee the other day..

3 x Thoughtcast
4 x Thirst for Knowledge
3 x Fabricate

3 x Disciple of the Vault

2 x Fireball

4 x Pentad Prism
4 x Talisman of Indulgence
4 x Krark-Clan Ironworks
3 x Chromatic Sphere
3 x Myr Retriever
2 x Myr Incubator
2 x Grinding Station
1 x Blasting Station
1 x Avarice Totem
1 x Goblin Cannon
1 x Mindslaver

4 x Tree of Tales
4 x Seat of the Synod
4 x Great Furnace
4 x Vault of Whispers
2 x Ancient Den
2 x City of Brass

3 x Pyroclasm
2 x Boil
3 x Oxidize
3 x Condescend
4 x Mana Leak

As you can see this deck has a few more ways to win than other versions of Ironworks, sadly this means its not as fast on going off but it does give it somewhat more of a chance if not too much artifact hate is being packed.

key's are the Prisms, Talismans and Sphere's as these speed up the mana putting the other player on a clock. One of the most important things I have learnt is not to go all out for the win if you can *just* pull it off, unless they're tapped out. Why rush into something if you don't need to if your holding 3 ironworks (pretty common when I've played put the first two out if you want but only cast the last one when your sure you can go off). 1st or second turn disciple can really screw affinity or MOM decks if you can keep them around.. And the Retrievers give you another way of pulling stuff back or another win condition.

Don't get me wrnog i know this deck is pants, but it's surprise value is not to be underestimated. Oh and one other thing it's actually quiet fun to play this version as you often find yourself thinking what the hell as you have 3-4 ways of killing someone at anyone given time (if you see the parts and get them down).

Annul hurts this deck badly (slowing it down enough to make a difference most times) but thats it most things tend to slow it down and only MOM seems able to stop it (although the Talismans and Citys make it a little better against that too..

Hey just try it sometime and have a bit of fun.. Totem rules for fun and Mind Slaver its damn funny if you have a Disciple out and they're playing with Atog or Raveger LOL..

Shane Mussell


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