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Randomness -- Posted by rob on Saturday, April 23 2005

Iím kinda bored right now so I thought Iíd attempt to show dedication to the club by writing another [sub par] article. Maybe Iíll do a cute little FNM reportÖmeh ok, whatever.

Thursday 21st of whatever month this is.

We rely on Phil getting here so we can actually start the tourney, and since it starts late I donít get to play in T4 cos of de dam trains.

Iím running ponza, since itís the best deck, and because itís mono red and fast so I donít have much chance for making stupid mistakes. This is the deck I intended to play, but I was missing a seething song and a pyroclasm, and a demolish, which became random cards that were all merely mox food.

3 stalking stones
16 mountains
1 shinka

2 kumano
4 hearth kami
4 slith firewalker
4 arc-slogger

4 molten rain
4 seething song
4 magma jet
3 demolish
4 stone rain
3 genju spires
4 chrome mox

2 goblin charbelcher
3 sowing salt
3 culling scales
3 boil
4 pyroclasm

Round 1- Dave with B/G spirits with grave pact.

Game 1 Iím low on the LD but random slith beats and a kumano won it for me.

Sideboard Ė nothing
Game 2 I get loads of LD leading to a turn 4 or 5 ryusei (only exception to the ďrandom cardsĒ) courtesy of a seething song and Dave is on 1 land and 2 ashen skin zuberas, so he concedes.

Games 2-0, matches 1-0

Round 2- Luke with MWC thanks to Stu (grrr)

Game 1- Luke is utterly mana screwed and I add to his woes with LD and the games ends rapidly.

In comes sowing salt and culling scales, although I donít recall what I took out.

Game 2-His story circle, sanctimony, and sacred grounds donít help and I continue to over-commit, at which point he wraths. I drop a scales having sowing salted his Tendos and Luke doesnít remember what scales does and obligingly drops another story circle and another sacred ground. Once I wreck all his enchantments, he drops a white myojin and I eventually kill it, after which he drops another, which didnít surprise me. He eventually won, although it was a close fought game, seeing me make a lot of mistakes.

Games 3-1, matches 1-0-1

Round 3- Stu with MRC

Game 1- I get a good mox slith start and he drops ensnaring bridge upon which I topdeck demolish and the game is finished.

Sideboard Ė nothing.

Game 2- Stu has 3 bridges out and a welding jar, which isnít fun for my cute little slogger. Unfortunately for Stu I have 42 cards left in library, a slogger out, and a kumano out with him on 9 life and me with 6 mana. I love slogger.

Round 3 ends at 10:20 so I have no chance of winning a round of T4 and then catching the 10:36 train. I didnít get the random FNM foil either. :(

Oh well, it was fun and proved that ponza is just amazing and that slogger is my favourite card in T2 right now. Gotta get me some foil sloggers from gemchipsa or whatever the site is called - £5.50 each!!!

PS: I will be a bye for you in tomorrowís draft.
PPS: Good luck in the Wayne Memorial tournament.


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