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     Saviours Spoilers start to appear -- Posted by Shane on Sunday, May 8 2005

Managed to get an insight into a couple more of the cards from this Mtgnews I have also setup a thread on the forum for you to add and update links to other spoilers - Spoiler Links

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     Waynes Tournament. -- Posted by admin on Wednesday, April 27 2005

Congratulations to Stuart for his win of Waynes Tournament on Sunday.
I'm sure he would have been chuffed to bits to see you win.

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     New Website Editor -- Posted by admin on Saturday, April 23 2005

Robert Wagner.
After much ear and arm bending we have the pleasure of introducing Robert Wagner as a new editor of the Club website.

A contributor for many months on the forums we hope he can improve the updates and perhaps keep people coming back as he keeps us all informed of what’s going.

Join me in wishing him a warm welcome.

..Now can you let go of my arm?

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     Another article. -- Posted by admin on Sunday, March 6 2005

You wait months for one and two come along at once!

Rob dropped an interesting article in my mail box late this week, check it out here

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     New Article -- Posted by admin on Friday, February 25 2005

Stuart's idea for a club article has been uploaded for people to take a look at here

Let us know what you think, as we have some plans to try again with perhaps booster's etc.

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For all events
doors open at 10.00
with events starting at 10.30

Contact David for details and to register.


Sunday 22nd
Saviors of Kamigawa Pre-Release
Sealed Deck
Entry fee £15.00
With side events.

Sunday 5th
Saviors of Kamigawa Release Weekend
Sealed Deck
Entry fee £15.00


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