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The Elemental Magic club was initially setup in the winter of 1998 after the previous club shut down. With Competitions (details here)and a regular gaming night held on Thursdays, from 7pm, at the Devonshire Club.

The Elemental Magic club is currently run by Stuart Haffenden, with help from both Dave Page (Tournaments) and Shane Mussell (Website). The aim is to encourage more new and younger players into the game. To date there are between 12 and 28 players turning out on Thursday nights to sharpen their playing skills, as of November 2000 The Eastbourne Elemental club also started to run Tournaments. Entry Fees, dates and other information of upcoming Tournaments can be found by checking just to the right ->

The Eastbourne Elemental Club runs the Booster drafts and Arena League with prizes awarded to the best players. We also arrange and play other Card Games from time to time.

So why not pop along for a chat, or contact us by email or by phone on (07795) 3342405.

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A. Here
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For all events
doors open at 10.00
with events starting at 10.30

Contact David for details and to register.


Sunday 22nd
Saviors of Kamigawa Pre-Release
Sealed Deck
Entry fee 15.00
With side events.

Sunday 5th
Saviors of Kamigawa Release Weekend
Sealed Deck
Entry fee 15.00


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