Do you think the Users ask me questions?

At last this site has been updated!

All the music now on this site is Midi (Sorry people but it's easier for most people who don't know what to do with Plug-Ins). So download times for these pages might suffer slightly. But I've added loadsa new stuff and gone over my HTML so it might even work on more than one computer now!
Here I am after a long time spent on the keyboard, it's not too comfortable you know, making the latest top ten hit (?!). So after many hours of long hard work (sampling beer). I have finally managed to get this site finished! I'm so proud of my latest masterpiece's I've even left them on here for you! What an (un) lucky lot you are! Thanks must go to Mr D. Starr for the vocal's in "5 Pints" and to a small lump of fluff that keeps filling up my belly button!? Anyway enough of this waffle, try them out for yourselves by clicking on the links below.

Download the Xmas'99 No.1 5 Pints! Download the Latest song Full 1.
Download my best seller (Sold 1 by mistake) Full 1. Download my first attempt S***t.

Want a laugh? No?
Well if you change your mind, why not e-mail me and wait for some creative crap in return!